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Power Rangers (Season 23) Dino Super Charge Hindi Dubbed Episodes Download (720p HD)


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Live Action Series Info

Name: Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

Season No: 23

Episodes: 20+2 Specials

Release Year: 2016

TV Channel (India): Nick/Sonic

Language: Hindi

Quality: 720p HD

Size: 150MB-300MB

Synopsis: Heckyl and his armored other half, Snide, take leadership over Sledge’s henchmen and the remaining monsters after Sledge’s defeat. They are working to obtain the final two Energems. The Rangers work to find the remaining Energems before Heckyl/Snide, with their henchmen, are able to find them. Along the way, they gain new allies in the form of the Aqua Ranger: Tyler’s missing father, James Navarro, the Silver Ranger: Keeper’s apprentice, Zenowing, and access to new Super Charged modes to battle the monsters with more power.

However, with new powers come new enemies in the form of Singe, a mysterious warrior who arrives on Earth and quickly steps in as Heckyl’s number two, much to Fury’s anger. However, Heckyl starts to get curious when he realizes that Singe knows more about the Energems than he admits. After the Rangers discover the location of the Titano Zord, Heckyl demands to know how Singe knew its location, only for Singe to flee and return to Earth with the person who hired him named Lord Arcanon. It was Lord Arcanon who hired Sledge to bring him the galaxy’s most dangerous monsters to make an army out of them. Arcanon’s reign ends with the return of Sledge who destroys his former employer with Snide (who was split from Heckyl) and takes back leadership of his crew.

Sledge uses the Dark Energem to get his ship fly back to space and betrays Snide by not paying him with the Dark Energem and sent him to search for missing Greenzilla egg he hid earlier, Snide steals the Dark Energem and Sledge refuses to fire the Magna Beam on his betrayed former partner, Snide is destroyed by ten Rangers and Heckyl. The Rangers, Keeper, and Heckyl finally destroy the Dark Energem with the sun. But it backfires, creating a black hole that sucks in Sledge’s ship and the Earth. The Power Rangers learn the true powers of the Energems: time travel. They arrive to the dinosaur era to defeat Sledge in the past once and for all. Fury is first to get destroyed by a bomb and Heckyl sends Sledge, his ship, his crew, and the monsters into the sun destroying them all.

After their enemies’ destruction, the Rangers go their separate ways as Koda and Ivan finally go back to their own times, Heckyl becomes the guardian of the Dark Energem as he and Zenowing return to Sentai 6, and Keeper returns to his home planet. The present day Rangers arrive back to their own time and find that it is a zoo and there are live dinosaurs since Sledge’s asteroids never hit Earth and the extinction of the dinosaurs never came to pass.

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Season 23 (Hindi)

Episode 01 – When Evil Stirs

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 02 – Forgive and Forget

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 03 – Nightmare in Amber Beach

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 04 –A Date with Danger

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 05 – Roar of the Red Ranger

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 06 – Forged Under Fire

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 07 – Home Run Koda

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 08 – Riches and Rags

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 09 – Besties 4Eva

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 10 – Gone Fishin

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 11 – Love at First Fight

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 12 – Catching Some Rays

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 13 – Recipe for Disaster

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 14 – Silver Secret

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 15 – Wings of Danger

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 16 – Freaky Fightday

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 17 – Worgworld

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 18 – The Rangers Rock

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 19 – Edge of Extinction

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 20 – End of Extinction (Season Finale)

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 21 – Trick or Trial (Special)

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]


Episode 22 – Here Comes Heximas (Special)

[GigaStream] | [MEGA]



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