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Naruto Episode 50 Hindi Subbed Download

Naruto Season 2 Episode 50 Hindi Subbed Download/Watch Online

Episode 50 – The Fifth Gate: A Splendid Ninja is Born

Lee’s increased speed overwhelms Gaara’s sand defenses. Lee opens the Fifth Gate and uses his most powerful attack, Hidden Lotus. Lee’s power, accuracy, strength and speed increase outstandingly, allowing Lee to inflict extreme injuries on Garra with a 5th gate barrage of his. Unfortunately for Lee, Gaara survives by softening his fall with sand and uses his sand coffin to crush Lee’s left arm and leg. Gaara moves his sand to finish Lee, but Guy blocks the final attack. Lee, though unconscious due to the pain and covered in blood, rises to continue the battle, his desire to win fueling his broken body. At the end of the match, Rock Lee is crippled to the extent that he is unable to fight again. Guy regrets teaching Lee such dangerous techniques, but vacates the ring for the final match between Choji Akimichi and Dosu Kinuta

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Episode 50 Hindi Sub Watch Online

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Episode 50 Hindi Sub Download

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