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Beyblade Season 3 G-Revolution Episode 48 Hindi Dubbed Download

Beyblade Season 3 G Revolution Episode 48 Hindi Dubbed

Episode 48 – The Beyblading Spirit

Kai managed to break out of Brooklyn’s black hole, but he still gets heavily beaten by Brooklyn (scenes of Kai getting physically hit were cut from the English dub and the versions based on it). Kyojyu’s lap top detects multiple damages on Dranzer and he ultimately closes the computer, admitting Kai won’t stand any more chances. Rei and Max then head for the dish one more time and try to stop the fight to save Kai, but Takao blocks their way and, in tears, begs them not to intervene in Kai’s own battle. Brooklyn uses his special attack King of Darkness on Kai (just like in the occasion he used it against Kai in their first match, some scenes of the attack were for some reason cut from the English dub and the versions based on it). In the middle of the attack’s cutscene, Takao’s hand reaches for Kai, and he manages to escape it. Nevertheless, he passes out. Blader DJ declares Brooklyn the winner, but Dranzer is still spinning and Kai gets back up again. Brooklyn is impressed, but still confident of victory and continue to brutally hit Kai. However, every time he hits Kai (the scenes of Kai getting hit and falling were cut from the English dub and the versions based on it), the G Revolutions member gets back up again. Brooklyn notices he is sweating for the first time in his life and decides to attack with everything he’s got. But Kai still resists. Eventually, Brooklyn goes insane due to Kai’s insistence and starts releasing dark beams of energy in all directions. Kai still manages to hold on, and explains that he will always learn something from his battles and that Brooklyn lacks the “beyblading spirit”. Kai then unleashes his final attack and knocks a damaged Zeus out of the dish, winning the match (the attack consisted of a fire bird coming out of Dranzer and heading for Brooklyn, but for some reason, in the English dub and the versions based on it, the bird was shown when it was already midair, not making it clear that it emerged from Kai’s beyblade). Brooklyn’s teammates are surprised their friend lost, and Brooklyn stares stunned and confused at his beyblade after suffering his very first beyblade defeat. Kai assures his concerned teammates that he is alright despite the beating he took and tells Takao that he should be more concerned with his upcoming battle against Garland. Takao shrugs Kai’s advice off but secretly hopes he can summon the same amazing strength that his old friend showed in his battle. This episode has two different endings, depending on whether one’s watching the original dub or the versions based on it or the altered English dub or the versions based on it. In both endings, Kai walks away into the corridor, kneels down by a wall, reflects on his battle and his teammates, then drops his Dranzer and the beyblade begins cracking, until it explodes in dozens of small peaces. In the original dub, Kai doesn’t say a thing as Dranzer is destroyed, and Yuri is shown at the hospital shedding some tears while still unconscious. In the English dub, Kai tells Dranzer it is free to go, that his beyblading days are over and thanks Takao after images of his teammate staring at his own fist followed by an image of Kai smiling are shown. The images of Yuri crying were for some reason cut from this dub.

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Episode 48 Hindi Dub Download

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