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Beyblade Season 3 G-Revolution Episode 43 Hindi Dubbed Download

Beyblade Season 3 G Revolution Episode 43 Hindi Dubbed

Episode 43 – Sing Ming Ming Sing!

As Daichi versus Ming-Ming begins, Daichi’s goal is to prove that Ming Ming doesn’t take Beyblading seriously and he vows to knock her out of the stadium early in the match. Before the match begins, a recovered but still beaten Kai is seen laying down in an alley. Back to Justice 5, Ming-Ming metamorphoses into her grown up, blader persona. Ming Ming gains the upper hand and this makes Daichi very annoyed. Eventually, she metamorphoses back into her singing persona and brings her band next to the dish to perform her hit song “Kira Kira Revolution” (though the English dub and the versions based on it use a totally different song, which actually matches the musicians’ playing). Singing seems to make her blading improve and she slams Gaia Dragoon relentlessly. Kyojyu, after being strangulated by Hiromi for being such a devoted fan of Ming Ming’s (though the scene was removed from the English dub and the versions based on it), realizes that it’s her voice that helps her concentrate on her blade and Takao tells Daichi of her secret. Daichi uses his own voice to unleash the full power of Gaia Dragoon, engulfing him and Ming-Ming in a dark, prehistoric scenario with an erupting volcano, but Ming Ming counter attacks with her V-Temptation special attack, which cancels Daichi’s move and engulfs them in a world of colorful flowery fields filled with cute animals, which weakens Gaia Dragoon and makes it much easier for Venus to knock it out of the dish. Daichi is frustrated, but congratulates Ming Ming. Takao and the others realize that the Bega Bladers intend to fight fairly and they all vow to do their very best to win the next battle.

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